Concierge for watch bands - We buy a band on your behalf and WatchPlate it!

Already have the gold apple watch, but want some more bands to match? No problem! We will buy your new Apple Watch band directly from Apple on your behalf, WatchPlate it in 18k yellow gold, rose gold, and/or black chrome and ship it your way! 

Please note that we are not a reseller, we are simply a service buying the watch on your behalf. We do not stock inventory. Your watch will be ordered from Apple after your order is placed, we will plate it and ship it to you 4-7 business days after it arrives. Because we are customizing the watch with Yellow or Rose Gold. all sales are final, as Apple will not accept an Apple Watch return unless it is in original condition. 

*All photos are of our client's Apple Watches that we have WatchPlated. We reserve all rights to these photos, but feel free to share them online, just don't use them for commercial purposes.